ESience Services


Specialist Training EScience Associates develops and provides goal specific training in the environmental management and regulatory arena. EScience Associates has developed and contributed to various training programmes for various audiences and levels of competence ranging from short commercial courses aimed at industry to honours degree (NQF Level 7) courses aimed at academic curricular and authority capacity building in conjunction with recognised South African higher education institutions.

In formulating and disseminating training courses it is our goal to impart knowledge and skills through comprehensive material put into context using real world case studies, reinforced through application in the form of structured exercises and practicals. Examples of significant courses formulated by EScience Associates in conjunction with academic partners, and ratified by the by the South African Qualifications Authority include:

Environmental Management Inspectors Course:

Developed in conjunction with the University of Pretoria’s Centre for Environmental Studies, The Department of Environmental Affairs and other partners in consortium, this NQF Level 7 course provides essential foundation training for the enforcement of environmental compliance, both in pollution and conservation related human activities. Successful completion of this training is required in order for individuals to be mandated as Environmental Management Inspectors within the context of the National Environmental Management Act and is also offered as an honours course at various universities including the University of Pretoria, University of South Africa (UNISA) and Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

EScience Associates specifically developed modules for preparation and undertaking of compliance inspections, as well as input to various other modules including environmental investigations. The course includes comprehensive literature as well as a 3 day practical requiring attendees to perform practice inspections commencing with inspections of mock sites, carrying through investigation, evidence gathering and prosecution.


Developed in conjunction with the University of Pretoria’s Centre for Environmental Studies, and The Department of Environmental Affairs, this NQF Level 7 course provides essential foundation training for the review of applications for Environmental Authorisation by Competent Authorities in terms of NEMA. The course comprehensively covers all components of the environmental impact assessment process, and the fundamentals of selected specialist studies, required for a designated competent authority to thoroughly and objectively review submissions from Environmental Assessment Practitioners in order to arrive at an informed and defensible decision supported by enforceable conditions of authorisation. The course aims to maximise knowledge transfer and retention through numerous practical exercises in support of course literature at each stage in the EIA process and subsequent authority review process.

Internships We do not have a specifically structured intern programme per se, however, we do engage interns at tertiary level to partake in projects and get hands on experience. We work on a wide variety of projects and internships are influenced by the projects at hand at the time of engagement. Most interns have been engaged for a period of 6 weeks to 3 months, however longer periods can be considered.