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  Air Quality Impact Assessment
  Cleaner Production
  Environmental Due Diligence
  Environmental Impact Assessments
  Environmental Impact Assessments - NEMA S24G
  Environmental Legal Compliance Audits
  Hydrogeological & Groundwater Quality Assessment
  ISO 14001 EMS Audit
  ISO 14001 System Implementation
  Policy, Plans and Legislation Developmen
  Resource Evaluation and Feasibility Assessments
  Specialist Training and Capacity Building
  Waste Class & HR
  Waste Management
Earth Day Recycle Arbour Day
Environmental Impact Assessments
Project | Description | Client
  Assmang Alternate Ferrochrome & Ferromanganese Production
  Assmang Chrome Machadodorp
App.1 - Application Form
App.2 - MDALA Exemption 28042006
App.3.1 - Public Participation Docs
App.3.2 - Public Participation Presentation

App.4 - EAP CV
App.5 - Plan of Study EIA
Draft SR Assmang Alternate FeCr-FeMn Production_230608

  Basic Assessment Land Systems OMC upgrade of components
  BAE British Aerospace Systems
BABA Background info 20070925
GDACE Fax of Acknowledgment
  Scoping & EIA for the recovery of gyspum from phosphogypsum waste
  BPB Gypsum
BPGE Background info Document 2008 02 12

BPGE scoping 2008 06 09 AE
GDACE Acknowledgement of Application


  Scoping & EIA for Lanxess' Newcastle chrome chemicals plant expasion
Background Info Document
KZN DAEA Acknowledgement of Application
Scoping report 2008 06 27 Final Draft
KZN DAEA Scoping Approval
Lanxess EIA Enviromental Impact Assessment
  Basic Assesment for expansion of  PG Bison Alrode melamine lamination
  PG Bison Alrode
PGAE Background Info Document
GDACE Letter of Acknowledgment
  Basic Assessment for the erection of lighting masts and power generation
  Phumulela Gaming and
[No Downloads]
  Management of appeals process for authorisation of the erection of
  Phumulela Gaming and
[No Downloads]
  Scoping & EIA for Samancor Chrome's  Middelburg chrome chemicals
  Samancor Chrome
App1-Scoping&POSEIA Approval
App2-Public Participation
App3-Impact Assessment Method
App4- Air quality final
App5-Waste Management Report
App6-Geotech Investigation
App7-Geohydrological Assessment inc Wat qual
App8 MHI final
App9 EMP final
App10 CVs
VITK Chrome chem scoping 20070630 with Appendices
VITK EIA Final 2008 04 07 TE 1030
VITK MDALA EIR Acceptance Letter
VITK MDALA Scoping report approval
Authorisation Chrome Chemical Plant - 29 July 2008.pdf

  Scoping & EIA for biogas generation from  Kanhym piggery effluent
  WSP BioTherm Sustainable
[No Downloads]
10. TANF
  Screening and legal opinion for cogeneration of heat and power from
  WSP BioTherm Sustainable
[No Downloads]
11. BGAS
  Scoping & EIA for the cogeneration of electricity and steam from bagasse
  WSP BioTherm Sustainable
[No Downloads]
12. HNCG
  Scoping & EIA for the generation electricity from combustion of furnace off
  WSP BioTherm Sustainable
Hernic Background info Doc 2008 03 18
HNCG scoping 2008 06 09 AE Final
HNCG DRAFT EIR 2008 12 04 With Appendices.pdf
13. AICG
  Screening and legal opinion for cogeneration of heat and power at Adock
  WSP BioTherm Sustainable
[No Downloads]
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