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  Environmental Project Managment
  Environmental Impact Assessment
& Review
  Air Quality Management
  Cleaner Production Identification
  Environmental Due Diligence
  Environmental Management Systems (ISO14001)
  Legal Compliance Audits
  Waste and Effluent Management Strategies and Services
  Power generation Emissions &
Co-generation Projects
  Waste Utilisation - Boiler & FGD wastes
Earth Day Recycle Arbour Day

Power generation Emissions & Co-generation Projects

Environmental Impact assessments have been undertaken by EScience Associates for a variety of power generation and co-generation projects. These projects deal with the evaluation of emissions alternatives and co-generation possibilities, as well as: the development of technology-specific emissions inventories including point, volume and area sources; emission quantifications, baseline emission evaluations; technological reduction strategies; atmospheric modelling; and dispersion models. The aim of each of these projects was the quantification of environmental impact and recommendation for project continuance or modification as determined by expert opinion and legislative requirement.




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