Legal Compliance Audits

EScience Associates, through existing strategic alliances with reputable environmental legal firms, is able to undertake legal compliance audits, typically for industrial and mining clients (site and /or project specific). The aim of such audits being to ensure that all activities and undertakings incidental thereto that occur on a site, or mine, are done so in a manner that gives effect to ALL applicable environmentally related legislation. Thereby reducing environmental legal liability, ultimately enhancing environmental protection (for aspects relevant to respective pieces of legislation) and ensuring maintenance of environmental management standards in line with any ISO14001 certification that a site, or mine, may hold.

Environmental legal audit assistance by ESA would identify legal non-compliances and allow for the collaborative preparation of environmental legal rectification programs.

The environmental legal audit will typically be a collaborative effort between environmental scientists and a specialist environmental attorney with whom EScience Associates has a long standing working relationship, insofar as it regards environmental liability. Services offered are therefore as follows:

  • environmental legal compliance audits in conjunction with environmental law specialists;
  • compilation of legal registers in conjunction with environmental law specialists; and
  • third party compliance review for financial institutions.