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Cleaner Production Identification

  Environmental Due Diligence
  Environmental Management Systems (ISO14001)
  Legal Compliance Audits
  Waste and Effluent Management Strategies and Services
  Power generation Emissions &
Co-generation Projects
  Waste Utilisation - Boiler & FGD wastes
Earth Day Recycle Arbour Day

Cleaner Production Identification

EScience Associates is able to assist our varied client base in identifying opportunities to establish sustainable cleaner production initiatives. Such initiatives would aim for continual improvement of industrial/production processes, products and services in order to reduce the use of natural resources, to prevent at source the potential pollution of air, water and land and to reduce waste generation in order to minimise client liability, costs associated with disposal and risk to the environment and people. More specifically, EScience Associates is able to offer and identify the following services and opportunities respectively:




  • Identification and assessment of pollution prevention opportunities through waste prevention, re-use and/or recovery;
  • Identification of opportunities for improved energy and raw material consumption efficiency,
  • Identification of opportunities for raw material and process substitution for improved environmental performance, and
  • Training provision on cleaner production mechanisms and cost effective programs for their implementation.


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