Empowerment & Social Investment

EScience Associates is a privately held company owned by senior management. EScience Associates, furthermore, qualifies as an Exempted Micro Enterprise (EME), in terms of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003 (Act No.53 of 2003). The firm remains continually committed to Corporate Code of Good Practices and Conduct in both South Africa and abroad, as is evident through our continued Corporate Social Responsibilities.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR)EScience’s corporate social responsibility focuses on assessing the potential benefits brought about by emissions off-setting within low-income household using primarily coal, wood and paraffin as sources of fuel for cooking and space heating.

The objective of emissions off-setting has a key role to play in bringing about clean air initiatives which can be implemented for the benefit of human health and a sustainable clean air future. There are significant health impacts associated with ‘dirty fuel’ use, particularly within low-income households. As part of our social corporate responsibility, EScience Associates are assessing the potential benefits to air quality, particularly within the historically disadvantaged and/or poverty stricken sectors of our society. The CSR program will initially assess the air quality impacts, at high resolution, for high density low income settlements within Vaal Triangle Priority Area (VTPA) and Highveld Priority Area (HPA) hot spot zones where a critical need for Air Quality Management Plans (AQMP’s) are required. The organisation has also invested in the development of household emissions inventories for provincial air quality management at no cost to government authorities, in order to assist government in the management of air quality, air pollutant exposure and related health impacts at community level.