Air Quality Management

Air Quality Impact Assessment

EScience Associates provide air quality specialist studies with respect to Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s), Environmental Risk Management, and as input to Atmospheric Emissions License applications. Areas of competence include

  • Emissions Inventory Construction and Assessment
    • Emissions Inventory formulation;
    • Emissions reduction strategies; and
    • Emissions Inventory quantification (motor vehicles, all mining related emissions sources, households, biomass burning and all industrial processes).
  • Meteorological modelling
  • Mesoscale atmospheric modelling using TAPM and WRF mesoscale models,
  • Microscale modelling using CALMET, and
  • Meteorological modelling and data analysis;
  • Air pollution Dispersion Modelling
  • Regulatory assessment based on existing and proposed facility location;
  • Fogging potential and visibility assessment;
  • Micro-scale and regional-scale dispersion modelling for impact assessment.
  • Air Quality Management

  • Emissions abatement and mitigation strategies;
  • Best Environmental Practice in terms of Air Quality Management (emissions scenario modelling, source-receptor relations ships, sighting of ambient air quality monitoring stations and monitoring network design);
  • Ambient Air Quality Data analysis and reporting;
  • Compliance Assessment; and
  • Design of air quality management plans