Environmental Project Managment
  Environmental Impact Assessment
& Review
  Air Quality Management
  Cleaner Production Identification
  Environmental Due Diligence
  Environmental Management Systems (ISO14001)
  Legal Compliance Audits
  Waste and Effluent Management Strategies and Services
  Power generation Emissions &
Co-generation Projects
  Waste Utilisation - Boiler & FGD wastes
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EScience History


Established over a decade ago, EScience Associates (Pty) Ltd, a member of Environmental Science Associates, continues to be an industry leading environmental consultancy that provides a "one stop shop" of environmental solutions. This is achieved by combining expertise in the fields of environmental and atmospheric sciences, air quality, toxicology, waste management, and Geographic Information Systems and computing science.

Due to the very broad nature of the environmental management discipline, and the large overlap with other fields of expertise, EScience Associates has developed an integrated team of in-house consultants with specialist air quality, effluent and waste management competence, as well as a network of external environmental professionals from which expertise can be drawn where in-house know-how is not available.

The company has a history of successfully undertaking challenging projects and serves a diverse client base. It is

EScience’s professional ability to balance our client’s needs with environmental best practise, and sustainable management solutions that has made EScience Associates a well respected consultancy of choice within the Local, Provincial and National Government, Mining, Manufacturing, Chemical, Metallurgical and Energy Industry sectors. We take pride in delivering innovative, sustainable, solutions to our clients, helping them achieve environmental legal compliance and regulate their environmental impact optimally.

EScience Services

environmental project management

Environmental Project
environmental project management Environmental Impact
Assessment & Review
environmental project management

Air Quality
environmental project management CleanerProduction Identification  
environmental project management

Due Diligence
environmental project management Environmental Management Systems (ISO14001)  
environmental project management

Legal Compliance
environmental project management
Waste and Effluent
Management Strategies
environmental project management

• Specialist Training
• Internships

environmental project management
Power Generation
Emissions & Co-generation
environmental project management

Waste Recovery & Utilisation


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